Kit Guitars

I made these three kit guitars with my daughter who is quite a guitarist. Stewart-MacDonald is a great source for everything guitar related, including some quality kits. We sent a picture of one of our kit builds, and they featured it on the cover of their catalog. That was fun to see.

The first kit we made went on to see some action at quite a few Jazz concerts. My daughter got it signed by quite a few big names:

A) BYU Synthesis director and Jazz educator, Ray Smith

B) Abraham Laboriel, Grammy award winning musician and probably the most record session bassist in history

C) Francisco Torres, composer and trombonist

D) Caleb Chapman, Jazz educator extraordinaire

E) Jeff Coffin of the Dave Matthew's Band

F) Poncho Sanchez, Grammy award winning conguero and Latin Jazz band leader

G) Steve Reid, trumpet God

H) Rick Drumm, president of D'Addario Music company and drummer for the Fatty Necroses

This sunburst hardbody kit sports a locking nut and Floyd Rose style trem. This guitar has performed alongside Wayne Bergeron at Carnegie Hall. It's also the same build Stew-Mac put on their catalog cover to advertise their rattle-can lacquers.

Here is a trademark guitar we built, a semi-hollow with wrap-around bridge.